Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 Review

Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders The Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 brings a unique look to a classic men’s watch design by encasing it in rose gold.  Softer than white gold or platinum, and more vibrant than yellow gold, rose gold adds a touch of the extraordinary to the overall look and style, making it.. read more →

Omega Constellation Chronometer Review

Written by: Travis Farris   Omega SA is one of the most well-known creators of luxury watches around, and its no wonder with its founding dating back over one hundred and fifty years. A large collection of luxury products are available from the Swiss watchmakers, but is one of their lines, the Constellation Chronometer,.. read more →

Omega Constellation Chronometer Men’s Watch 1103.60.00 Review

Written by: Jessica Plumbley Are you a man looking for a bold luxury watch? You might try the Omega Constellation Chronometer Men’s Watch 1103.60.00, a masculine 1995 model that glows warmly in red gold. The Omega Constellation Men’s Watch 1103.60.00 is a rather conspicuous timepiece with a thick band leading right around its case. These.. read more →

Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1102.10.00

Written by Danielle Holgate   When I think about the 1970’s I think, bright floral prints, disco balls, and how popular gold jewelry was.  As the decades past and we came into the new millennium metals tones of silver, titanium and stainless steel became popular. Yet as bell bottoms have made a come back perhaps.. read more →

Omega Watches Take To The Stars With The Constellation Double Eagle

Omega watches require no introduction.  They are simply fantastic timepieces.  The Omega Double Eagle Constellation Men’s watches have been in production for over 50 years.  The Constellation collection has become one of the best selling watches in the world, and the reasons are easy to understand.  These are solidly built, fashionable elegant, highly functional watches. .. read more →

Day or Night Omega Ladies Constellation Quartz Steel 35mm a Perfect Look

Sleek European design and dazzling diamonds bring night time glamour to this Ladies Constellation Quartz 35 mm steel. read more →

Omega Constallation Ladies’ Polished Quartz Watch Review

The sheer glamour of this uber-luxurious Omega Ladies’ Constellation Polished Quartz watch is as alluring as the Omega Ambassador who endorses it. Actress Nicole Kidman serves as an Omega Ambassador for three lines of Omega women’s watches, and this timepiece in particular seems to capture her ethereal essence. Yellow gold on yellow gold, the.. read more → Omega Constellation Swiss Quartz Women’s Watch Review

Ah, purple! The color evokes royalty, nobility, and sugar plums. Why settle for princess when you can be the queen? The Omega Constellation Swiss Quartz Women’s Watch is a brazen, extravagant timepiece that would never be considered bawdy. Elegantly designed and drenched in diamonds, this steel-on-leather wristwatch is a shining star among Omega’s Constellation.. read more →

Omega Constellation Luxury Edition Ladies # Watch Review

Remember how it felt when you first learned to wish upon a star? You believed anything was possible. Omega Watches remembers and gives you a veritable galaxy of stars to wish upon in the Omega Watches Ladies Constellation Luxury Edition, Model # The lustrous warmth of the watch’s red gold band is brilliantly complemented by.. read more →