Omega Watches Take Off With Limited Edition Moon Watch

In order to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Moon landing of Apollo 11, Omega watches offers the limited edition Speedmaster.  This ultra-modern version of the original Speedmaster watch, worn on the Apollo 11 missions, is equipped with all the necessary Omega Speedmaster features.  It is crafted with a stainless-steel 42mm case, which has a.. read more →

Omega Women’s Specialities Olympic Collection Timeless 3836.70.36 Honors the Competitive Spirit

Precision. Excellence. Grace. For you there is nothing haphazard. No second best. You know what it takes to compete, and to win. Fairly, and on your terms. Omega celebrates the spirit of all Olympians – the medalists and those who haven’t yet achieved their dream – in a stunning new watch from the Omega Women’s.. read more →