08 Jun 2010

Omega Specialities Tourbillon Men’s Watch Review 513.

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“If only I had known, I would have become a watchmaker”, Once said Albert Einstein. Whatever this man who conceived the mechanism to convert mass into energy meant by this statement, it’s true by all means that contriving such technologically advanced masterpiece like Omega Specialities Tourbillon is no ordinary man’s task.

The Exemplary Craftsmanship of Omega Specialities Tourbillon

Abraham Louis Breguet, the genius watchmaker, invented Tourbillon in 1801. He assembled all of the escapement’s components like escape wheel, pallets wheel, pallets fork and balance wheel of Tourbillon in a small rotating cage with one rotation per minute to offset the effect of gravity at different positions, guaranteeing optimal precision ever possible in a mechanical watch.

Each Omega Specialities Tourbillon with Central Tourbillon in it is hand assembled and hand decorated. A single piece takes over 500 hours of intricate handcrafting of the virtuoso watchmaker, who sees through the process from beginning to the end. It also boasts of self-winding movement with Co-Axial Escapement of 2635 Caliber. This brown PVD coated movement has spiral pattern, hand polished bridges and mechanisms and a platinum oscillating weight.

COSC certified chronometer, 45 hours power reserve, 18 ct red gold case flanked by beautiful leather straps, all goes to reflect that when it comes to Omega Specialities Tourbillon, you not just get what you pay for but much more.

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