01 Mar 2010

Omega Gents Solar Impulse Model #321.

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Omega Solar Impulse

Omega and The Solar Impulse project intend to circumnavigate the globe in an airplane powered by the sun as its only energy source.  Concurrent with this project the Omega Gents Solar Impulse Model #321. was designed.

The HB-SIA is the prototype model with a 60 meter wingspan.  Unveiled in Dubendorf, Switzerland the venture will contribute to the scientific and ecological development of sustainable energy with the support of Omega.

A 70-person team working for 6 years completed this project started by Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg in 2003.  With a wingspan of a Boeing 747-400, weighing 1600kg and with over 12,000 solar cells mounted on the wings energy is supplied to the electric motors.  Each motor is 10hp and during the day they charge the lithium-polymer batteries allowing the craft to take flight. 

Solar Impulse


The watch honoring this endeavor features a self-winding chronograph with a function for measuring short time periods as well as displaying hours, minutes and seconds.  Co-Axial Escapement ensures its precision and durability.  The chronometer is COSC certified.

With a sub-dial tracking seconds, each full rotation is a complete minute.  The graduated dial can track speed in kilometers per hour based on 1000 meter of distances. 

This numbered edition watch has a scratch-resistant crystal and anti-reflective coating.  For jet setters who are often in two time zones, there is a sub-dial that tracks hours with one full rotation equal to a 24 hour day.

Rhodium plated finish with gold plated engraving it is water resistant to 100m or 330 feet with a diameter of 44.25mm and a power reserve of 55 hours.  Caliber: Omega 3603.

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