12 May 2010

Omega Constellation Luxury Edition Ladies # Watch Review

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The Omega Watches Ladies Constellation Luxury Edition the watch for a woman whose dreams can’t be contained.

Remember how it felt when you first learned to wish upon a star? You believed anything was possible. Omega Watches remembers and gives you a veritable galaxy of stars to wish upon in the Omega Watches Ladies Constellation Luxury Edition, Model # The lustrous warmth of the watch’s red gold band is brilliantly complemented by the stunning swirl of diamonds accenting both the band and the dial of the Ladies Constellation Luxury Edition.

An additional touch of luxury and elegance is found in the double band of diamonds accenting the watch dial. On the white mother of pearl watch face, the luminescence of a dozen diamond solitaires mark the hours while a swirling starburst of diamonds set in red gold flows seamlessly into the ever expanding galaxy of diamonds on the watch band. A single red gold star lies encircled at the heart of the starburst on the watch face, providing both a dramatic focal point and a poignant reminder of those early dreams.

But as the iconic Omega signature on the watch crystal attests, this is a watch of both substance and dreams. The Omega brand has participated in some of the most fascinating and challenging adventures of human history. Omega’s legacy on space missions is legendary; astronauts have worn Omega watches on every manned Gemini and Apollo mission as well as on today’s Skylab. True to its heritage, the Omega Watches Ladies Constellation Luxury Edition, Model # is built with both beauty and precision.  A domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides and casing that’s water resistance to 330 feet proves that this watch is about much more than just a pretty face, while quartz precision movement with rhodium-plated finish and a 32 month power reserve ensure this is a watch that will be there to guide your dreams into the future.

If you’re a woman whose dreams cannot be contained and you want the world to know you’re reaching for the stars the Omega Watches Ladies Constellation Luxury Edition, Model # is the watch for you.

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  1. Great opening paragraph – WOW! I loved how you tied it in, and appreciated the style throughout the work.

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