19 Jul 2011

Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 Review

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Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders

Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 in Rose Gold

Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch

The Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 brings a unique look to a classic men’s watch design by encasing it in rose gold.  Softer than white gold or platinum, and more vibrant than yellow gold, rose gold adds a touch of the extraordinary to the overall look and style, making it perfect for any professional man looking for mostly classic watch with a special twist.

The face of this time piece is silver, which allows for a slight contrast with the casing, which is of a much warmer hue.  The color contrast makes reading of the time on the Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 very easy, but doesn’t provide such a start contrast that the face seems out of place.  Roman numerals line the outer edge of the casing, making room for 11 diamonds to take the place of hour markers.  The lining for the date window and the holders for each diamond are also rose gold, tying the look of the whole watch entirely together.  At the 3 o’clock space there is a small window that keeps track of which day of the month it is.  A small feature that is sure to come in very handy time and time again.

The rose gold is not a color that all men are comfortable with or that all individuals are complemented by.  The warm rosy hue is a key feature that sets this ruggedly love watch apart from the competition, but can also be what makes this watch look completely out of place on your wrist.  Another potential drawback is the band, which only comes in the kind of linked metal plates that has a terrible tendency to rip out arm hair.  With this in mind, making sure the watch you purchase fits your wrist well becomes very important.

The Omega Constellation Chronometer Mens Watch 1104.35.00 is an absolute bargain at a mere $161.00.  At that price, this professionally styled and very functional time piece is a watch that you and every man can take a gamble on, and see if it works or not.  The incredible style of the watch coupled with the unexpected color of the gold absolutely makes this mostly classic watch worth the gamble.  This watch has numerous high quality features and a price tag that screams “value,” making it a smart purchase for any man.  You should definitely take a chance on this unexpected beauty.

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